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Software Defined Networks and Transport
Transport SDN
netFLEX® is Transport SDN

SDN discussions and materials are primarily focused on Layer 2 and above functionality, but what about transport? Without the transport network none of the Layer 2 and above services and applications would work. So how will transport circuits be installed, rerouted, or removed in the new SDN networks of today and tomorrow?

netFLEX® is and has always been a multi-vendor transport network controller. It learns the network, from the network, via it's proprietary auto-discovery and auto-inventory processes for WDM, SONET, MSPP, DCS, and other network devices in real time. This provides netFLEX with the absolute most up to date view of the network and its current configuration. That functionality syncrohized with the ability to provision wavelength and TDM circuits from A to Z, across all vendor platforms, allows netFLEX® to be the most versatile multi-vendor transport controller available today. netFLEX® is Transport SDN

We are actively researching Whitebox and OpenROADM technology and have it on our development roadmap. This technology is brand new and we are working with our current customers to learn more about how it will fit into their networks. If you are adding these new tecnologies to your network, and need a multi-vendor transport network controller, contact us right away. Your input will be at the ground level of the development discussions.

netFLEX® is Transport SDN for multi-vendor L0/L1 networks

Interface API's
As a rule, Unique does not develop support for every new available API. Instead we build to suit the specific needs of each customer. Currently we have MTOSI, CORBA, and multiple custom interfaces to other applications but we are researching open-source API's like OpenDaylight, NETCONF/YANG, REST/JSON, and other interfaces. Whatever interface is needed, we can develop support for it.

Unique provides netFLEX® configuration, customized development, turnkey integration, deployment, training, and ongoing maintenance and support.


Supported Equipment
netFLEX® seamlessly integrates multiple technologies and multi-generational equipment from multiple vendors.