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Improve Network Uptime
Multi-Vendor, Multi-Technology Fault Management
netFLEX’s multi-vendor, multi-technology fault management solution enables users to monitor their networks as single seamless entities, rather than as fragmented collections of parts. This allows users to
  • Monitor WDM, SONET, TDM, Ethernet and other gear in ONE system, ONE view, displaying the network how it really exists, INTEGRATED TOGETHER
  • Integrate Optical, TDM, & Ethernet alarms into ONE list for monitoring. TL1, SNMP, CLI communication methods to network devices are all supported.
  • Capture faults in two ways, proactively and reactively, reducing mean time to repair.

Network visibility
A missed alarm can leave undetected problems in a network. netFLEX®, which is scalable from small to several hundred thousand managed network elements and devices, remotely supervises the network to

  • Capture network messages in real-time
  • Analyze captured messages for type of alarm and severity
  • Correlate them to affected network elements, circuits, and cards
  • Present them to GUI users, email recipients, and even to other systems
  • Store alarm data for historical analysis.

netFLEX’s network visibility solution ensures that users never miss any alarms.

User alerting
netFLEX’s powerful web GUI represents each one of a user’s network elements and devices as icons on a network map. Both icons and reports are color coded for alarm severity and status. Users can drill down from dashboard to detail with just a few clicks. For users not at the GUI, alerts can also be sent by email.

netFLEX® makes users aware of new alarms in just moments, enabling them to

  • Identify and correct faults sooner
  • Reduce mean time to repair
  • Increase network uptime.

Alarm/Trap forwarding
For users with consolidated fault management systems that span all of their telephony infrastructure, netFLEX® can provide SNMP, TL1, MTOSI and ASCII delivery of fault data to those systems via robust Northbound interfaces.

netFLEX® Alarm/Trap Forwarding enables users to easily incorporate netFLEX®  into their operations support hierarchy.

Graphical correlation
netFLEX® clearly represents network elements and devices on a map of the user’s network.

At a glance, netFLEX® users can easily

  • View how the network is connected together
  • Correlate faults to affected equipment
  • Locate problems precisely, even in a network of equipment from multiple vendors with multiple technologies.

Chronic problem analysis
netFLEX's real-time capture of network element alarms and alerts is stored to a powerful ‘alarm list’ for problem analysis. Users can query and filter the list by a variety of fields including current alarm status, circuit ID, severity, alarm type, and equipment type, and can generate custom views and reports. netFLEX® also enables users to graph alarms over time.

This means that users can

  • Distinguish glitches from chronic problems
  • Improve the quality and operations of their network over time.

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Unique provides netFLEX® configuration, customized development, turnkey integration, deployment, training, and ongoing maintenance and support.


Supported Equipment
netFLEX® seamlessly integrates multiple technologies and multi-generational equipment from multiple vendors.