Unique Computer Services, Inc.
Maintenance and Ongoing Support
All netFLEX® customers enjoy an initial 90 day warranty against any software defects that result in degradation of service. After that, Unique offers a comprehensive software maintenance program on an annual basis.

The Unique maintenance contract includes:

  • Regular quarterly downloadable software upgrades/maintenance releases featuring:
    • A steady flow of additional and enhanced functionality
    • Support for new releases of network elements
    • Provision for additional network elements
    • Installation of software upgrades

  • Patches as needed

  • Detailed updated documentation as needed for users and administrators

  • Remote support, either MF 8-5 or 24-7, 365 days a year, with onsite support available. The primary support contact is typically the Unique professional who provided initial training.

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netFLEX® telecommunications management system simplifies and improves the operation of transport networks.


Supported Equipment
netFLEX® seamlessly integrates multiple technologies and multi-generational equipment from multiple vendors.