Unique Computer Services, Inc.
Expedited Trouble-Free Deployment and Service
Unique Services
All netFLEX® configuration, customized development, turnkey integration, deployment, training, and ongoing maintenance and support is carried out by Unique’s own in-house staff of highly experienced telecommunications software professionals, with rigid adherence to project management standards ensuring that everything is done right the first time.

Typically the Unique specialist who provides initial training continues as a customer’s primary support contact, ensuring that the relationship between Unique and the netFLEX® user is exceptionally strong.

For subscribing customers Unique ensures that netFLEX® is always current with regular quarterly product updates that both incorporate new enhanced functionality and support new releases of network elements. Network elements that are not currently supported by netFLEX® can be developed and added quickly.

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netFLEX® telecommunications management system simplifies and improves the operation of transport networks.


Supported Equipment
netFLEX® seamlessly integrates multiple technologies and multi-generational equipment from multiple vendors.