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netFLEX® Customer Testimonials

If you would like to submit a customer testimonial from your experience with netFLEX®, 1340 INC, or LINCS. Please email us at sales@unique-inc.com.

Value to our Largest Customer
These are some bullet points that a director at our largest customer used in multiple presentations to describe the impacts 1340 INC had in their department. This customer has over 300,000 network elements connected to 1340 INC system.

  • Avoided SLA Payments > $5M in a single year
  • Business Case: payback in 18 months. Actual payback in 10 months
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in Central Office/Remote Terminal failure rates & customer reports. Dropped by double digits in 7 consecutive quarters
  • Reduction in dispath
  • Test system interface provides actual ports and PM directly to the trouble ticket
  • Reduction in "no trouble found" and "repeats"
  • Autodiscovery and circuit audit improved record keeping and troubleshooting
  • 500% improvement in "saves" vs. prior to 1340 INC
  • Contributing to managing of center expenses
  • Unique / ALU responding to our needs "has been a thing of beauty"
  • Largest Customer, Director 2013

    Ethernet Ring Provisioning Made Simple
    “The netFLEX software let us do in twenty minutes what formerly took four hours to do. netFLEX software empowers multivendor management for next-generation and legacy networks. Specifically for LightRiver, the software makes testing and training for our customers a complete success, as proven with a recent major customer of ours.”

    Stephen Johns, LightRiver Senior Data Networking Specialist, July 2015

    Customer experience during Super Storm Sandy in 2012
    "I am writing to you today to express my deep appreciation for the software functionality that you all have provided to [us]. INC has played a pivotal role in current and ongoing restoration efforts in the wake of the tragic hurricane Sandy. We have used INC to restore many circuits, network elements, and data across at least 6 central offices including New Jersey. While you all are working to normalize, we are working to normalize daily communication functionality with INC, the software that you all write. We have hundreds of people relying [upon] INC during this time; I have not been informed of a single failure in INC fulfilling its role in our business during this critical time."

    Customer System Admin, 2012

    London Olympics 2012
    A customer used 1340 INC to monitor their ALU 1665 DMX network during the London Olympics in 2012. They sent us this picture showing how they were using it and to express their appreciation.

    1340 INC during the 2012 London Olympics

    Daily PM Checks on 10GB Circuits
    I wanted to say thank you for the 1340 INC system and let you know how much manual work it has saved us. We have a very large customer that has been experiencing troubles on multiple long haul 10GB circuits. These circuits are very long and ride up to 25 nodes along 1 route. Since these issues were so chronic and were getting so much management attention, we were manually pulling the PM data from each node every single day. It would take almost 2 hours of sending commands. I remembered that INC automatically pulled PM on other circuits, so I added the nodes for this circuit to INC and setup the automatic 24 hour PM retrievals. Now INC pulls the PM for me automatically everyday! All we have to do now is pull an INC report and see if there are any issues to investigate. Thank you!

    Customer Technical Analyst, 2005